Supernova Fitness

Hi I am Silvia Novakova and I am the owner of Supernova Fitness. I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to you......yes you! You have made the first positive step to improving your Health and Fitness by visiting my website! 

I give you a warm welcome to my website and hope you can navigate easily to find the information I have provided interesting and useful! 

  • So let's start by identifying the reasons you SHOULD improve your Health and Fitness?
  • Physiological - less illness

    Physically -more energy

    Image -look better

    Emotional -feel better

    Preventative healthcare -stop the early onset of Osteoporosis, reduce the impacts of menopause

    Competitive training -gain the edge in your chosen field by challenging your own fitness

    Let's continue by identifying what I can do to help your Health and Fitness?

    Help to break down your Physchological barriers - I have Motivation and personal encouragement in abundance to help ensure you do what you should be doing to improve your Fitness

    Assist in building a regular training schedule - it can be very hard to fit in time for yourself, having someone there to ensure you DO commit to your own health and DO carry out your training is invaluable!

    Acknowledgment of your achievements - Charting your path from beginning through improvement to maintenance is part of Personal Training. You deserve recognition for your hard work - and it will be hard!!

    Advise and help with essential Nutrition guidance - Exercising is only half the battle, ensuring you are eating to give your body the right nutrients at the right time is important. I can help you with the right programme for your culture and tastes.

    What else can I offer?

    You will see my credentials on my Qualifications page but dont just look at paper certificates! My knowledge in the field is demonstrated by the qualifications I have but  I can offer so much more than that! I guarantee my dedication, reliability and genuine interest in improving your fitness and health.  I get total satisfaction from seeing my clients achieve, succeed and overcome some of the difficulties that can be part of life struggles. Even on the worst days I insist that my clients at least go for a long walk with me - some exercise is better than none!

  • From traditional exercises and programmes to more technical and modern High Intensity sessions to Boot Camp style sessions I will taylor your programme for you, the individual. I can work with individuals, couples or groups. The sessions are all planned and I do all I can to ensure they are  interesting and varied!
  • Having read the above - if you are interested or even ready to book a consultation give me a call on 07891 519134 or email  me with your details at